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Lines Deluxe

The peace of nature with a tropical island and ancient magics. o Exotic music that would bring the players out of their current


Garfield Train Your Brain-Lite

Ready for some humorous fun filling brain exercises to help you become a genius. Bundled with over 20+ mini games


Babes Fun Unlimited

Babes Fun Unlimited is a Fun Game with Unlimited Level, where a picture is cut into pieces randomly, you need to rearrange


Bubbles Touch – Free!

Let’s start breaking bubbles! The classic bubbles game is here! Create a group of at least three bubbles to explode them


Acorn Mafia Lite

These notorious Mafias are the new scoundrels in Puzzle town. Don ’t let the network connectivity pop-ups annoy you.


Aqua Blast Free

A richly animated matching game set in the water world! Get started, and have an aqua blast!



Classic Maze! And now specially adapted for Kids! Discover correct path & reach your target while avoiding the obstacles


World Of Rabbit – Dusk Fight

A new game in the World Of Rabbit Universe. Complete the puzzles to post your scores to Barking Seed,


Gold Rush XXL – Free

Now join over 1 million XXL gamers and let the new Gold Rush begin! Clear the mine to unlock the gold pieces

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